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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Earthquake Hits the South Bay

I was on the internet, when a long rumbling sound and a rolling 'left and right' feeling suddenly happened few minutes ago. I didn't know what to do or expect, but I remember putting my hands on the table while sitting down, trying to catch my balance since the executive chair was on wheels. I didn't move, but my hubby suddenly called out to me from the dining room and said 'Out now!' So I suddenly stood up, wore my jeans quickly with my slippers still on, and ran out of the house, leaving my cell phone and keys behind. So Al went back in the house (oh and he left the door open in a hurry) just to get the keys and cell phone, only to find out the cell phones weren't working. I texted my 'lil sis in Washington with the words 'Earthquake' and she immediately called me. I guess incoming calls were working, not outgoing (maybe too many people were calling all at once). She checked and said the magnitude was a 5.6 (see article and comments here). The quake was pretty strong though, and long. It was funny how we didn't know what to do. This was the first time I really felt a strong one like that so it spooked me (I guess just in time for halloween, hehe).

I heard the epicenter was in San Jose by Alum Rock which is just a few exits from our place (no wonder we felt a strong one). We didn't really have any damages, except for the fact that our TV remote control rolled off from the computer table, hitting the floor and taking out all the batteries, plus the door that keeps the heater behind the wall suddenly opened. I checked our picture frames and mirrors on the wall and the positions didn't even change.

Another funny thing was that SFGate reported it as a preliminary quake which scared me even more (so do we expect a bigger one soon?) Then they changed the headline to something else few minutes later. Just yesterday, there was an emergency test broadcast on TV which seemed like a sign of something to come. Also, I swear I thought there were little quakes in the past days when I was working at home. Anyway, I guess now we have to really prepare. Al said, 'Now that's what you call a San Jose Earthquake!'

UPDATE - I felt another one earlier today while working at home, around 3:50 pm and had a rolling feeling. I was ready to go under the dining table, but then it stopped. It was slightly strong, a magnitude of 3.7 I heard. I thought it was just my imagination, but it was quite long. Scary!


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