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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Exploring Facebook and its Applications

So I finally joined the bandwagon on Facebook. I've had the account for a long time now, but I never really explored the site (thinking it's just for college kids) until my cousin invited me. Then I found out about all the great applications that it can offer. Not only is the interface better than Friendster or MySpace, it's very interactive and fun too! I think other networking sites are threatened and I guess Microsoft saw its potential so they struck a billion-dollar deal with FB (how much I dunno but I heard its 15B which is huge!) Let's just hope the site doesn't change too much (but I bet ya there would be more ads, haha). I think Google was also interested but Microsoft beat them to it.

I was also trying to do mini-hacks and I'm happy with my page. I was able to add (although I should use another music player application). I was also able to link VodPod (still buggy), imeem, Pandora, Flickr photosets (wish I can link collections though), my Amazon wish list, and my Blogger account which I think is very cool (so you can actually read this entry on FB). Other applications I added which I think are really cool - you can send animated gifts to your friends, a handy calendar for my schedules, a daily horoscope, iLike application where I can post concerts I want to see, a movie application where I can list movies I like and take trivia quizzes with friends, a happy hour application where you can send drinks to your friends, and an entourage application where I can add friends on my entourage. So check it out now and don't forget to add me! Btw, my hubby is getting addicted to it too!


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