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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Month of Hospital Visits

This month is crazy weird when it comes to people's health. I found out that my friend's grandma was in the hospital due to pneumonia. The family's in town, but last I heard she is doing well. Thank God for that. I've been hearing hospital news on my side of the family as well. My sister-in-law just suffered a heart attack. When my older brother told me this, I was so shocked because she's only my age. She stayed for a week in the hospital and is doing well resting at home right now.

My own grandma was also rushed to the hospital due to pneumonia (for the nth time) in Las Vegas while she was visiting her sister. Last time I saw her was when we went to LA for a birthday and christening, and from there she drove with her sister and family to Las Vegas. She too stayed for a little more than a week and even had a blood transfusion (for the first time in her life and she's 94). I am really worried, but I heard she's doing fine at the moment. She can't fly back to Wash town until she's fully recovered, so she just might spend Thanksgiving in LV.

I myself am not doing so well lately. I just came out of emergency due to my increasingly annoying asthma. Wish I can say I can breath normally but it sucks when I'm having shortness of breath and chest pains coz of coughing. And it affects my daily normal activities. I'm doing better now and still recovering.


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