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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another First Birthday Celebration

Wow, seems like there's been a baby boom these days. People around me are having babies left and right. Anyway, an old friend of mine is having a kid's birthday party for her son, Marc Lawrence, who's turning one year old. They held the party at a clubhouse by Westlake. It's a good reunion for our 'ol group since I haven't seem them for a long time now, although it's sad that some can't join us anymore (some live far away now, while others had a falling out). I had so much fun, even if it's a kid's party. Wish I could've brought my niece. She would've enjoyed the clown, the games, and the playground, hehe. I also saw my friend's kids too and a god-daughter, who grew up quickly (last time I saw them they were babies). And there were tons of food, all catered from Ongpin, yey! And of course, there's magic mic, hehehe.

Btw, I added a song by Datarock and Tokyo Police Club on my radio blog (right sidebar) for your listening pleasure. Check it out.


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