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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another You Tube Phenomenon

This is proof that a lot of good talent can be discovered over the internet. Check out the YouTube page of Marie Digby (pronounced ma-ri-yey). She half Irish and half Japanese, and her page has almost 3 million views. I think her version of Britney's Gimme More is better. She just posted her video on the internet few months ago, and already she's gotten shows in clubs and even the Carson Daly show. Her cover is also available on iTunes via Hollywood Records (it's actually good). Check it the Carson video below -

Other exciting music news. I read somewheres that U2 is going to premiere 'Wave of Sorrow' on Facebook and iLike (the song is in the album Joshua Tree 20.0 that will be out on November 11. Kewl. You can also check it out here (is he doing a Marie Digby aka astroturfing? hehehe).

I also heard that there will be a My Bloody Valentine reunion! How exciting! But I think they're playing in Europe for the most part. But why, why, why?!? Please My Bloody Valentine, come back here! The rumor is they might be in Coachella next year! I'll be there, mos def. Check out their new site here. Oh and they have a myspace page too.


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