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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Video of Camila at Valley Fair

It's a bit overdue, but I had some time to finish up a video from last September of this year, when Al and I took Camila to Valley Fair Mall after a dinner with my brother Jep at Sonoma (his family was checked in at Marriott since my sis-in-law had their annual convention in SJ. So while they partied (Tower of Power was there too), we babysat (well not exactly since our original plan was to go last minute shopping the day before a friend's wedding). So while I was done with my shopping at Valley Fair, it was Al's turn to shop while I watched Camila play (Al watched her first while I was shopping). Check out a short video of her playing in the children's section of the mall -

Speaking of games, I started playing a text-based RPG game called Warbook. A co-worker of mine invited me to add the application on my facebook account, and I found myself trying to figure it out (and I'm actually getting hooked to it). I am honestly not much of a gamer (my biggest accomplishment was finishing the Metal Gear Solid game during the early Playstation era), nor have I played any RPG games, but I was curious with this one. I built my kingdom and army. Btw, my hero is Jonrette and my skill is a magician (I tried the names Atreyu and Valjean but they were taken). I started inviting Al and other friends to join me (he is Bordakai). So far I am still in the lowest level but I made two trade agreements. I've also cast spells to have more gold, and my kingdom is generating income every hour. If you're there, please don't atack me. Be civil, hahaha! For more info, check out this wiki.


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