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Friday, November 30, 2007

A Post-Thanksgiving Bonus

Al came home happy today because he just received his bonus check from work! Woohoo! Anyhoo, we set forth to Best Buy and Costco to look for the perfect bluetooth enabled GPS but felt like waiting a little big longer since prices are still going down. At Costco, we ended up buying something else instead - the memory foam mattress top that I've been wanting. It was a good price at Costco for a 2 1/2 inch thickness. I actually wanted the mattress but it's so expensive. I'll settle for the pad. We also bought the memory foam pillows which were nice, but now we're thinking of getting more of the down ones instead.

Also, we watched the movie August Rush. It was nice and I recommend it to people who love music. I liked the movie a lot and I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers is sooo adorable! This is also the movie where we joke around seeing Bono (we didn't even know Robin Williams was in the movie, and really, he does look like Bono, hahaha).

Anyway, Al's bonus came at a perfect time because we are going to Vegas baby! We're going to visit my grandma who was hospitalized and sick for a while. She's like a mom to me so of course I have to see her! I miss her terribly and hope she's doing fine.


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