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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Annual SF Parol Parade

Al is off today (yey). We had an agenda planned - clean the house, do our laundry, get our haircuts, buy gifts, visit sis-in-law who's vacationing in SF, attend the Fiesta ng Pasig, and be a part of a Parol Parade contingent. So we did the chore part of our agenda, but because we also kept stalling (and I also went with my friend Mo to eat lunch), we missed the fiesta and was late for the parade. Sux. When we got to Yerba Buena Gardens, people were already packing up. I heard that the parade was fun, and that there were more than a thousand people in attendance. Plus, they paraded on Market Street which is a first, with a police escort. Coolio. Anyhoo, we still hung out a bit at Bayanihan, chatted with peeps and met new ones, while Al jammed with his friend Phil playing Bob Marley songs. I immediately felt the Christmas spirit just looking at all the parols in the building, and when the jamming peeps started singing Christmas carols. People joined along while I took pics. T'was fun for a bit, but we decided to go coz it was getting late and we still have to drive allt he way to SJ. We're glad we went.

The next day, Al, Mo, and I drove to Sacramento to check out some houses. After looking at four houses (we like the areas, but we only liked the first house we saw), we decided not to live in Sacramento. Around 5 pm, I met up with a client in Dublin to work on her site. I can't believe it the day went by so fast.


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