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Monday, December 31, 2007

A Birthday Dimsum Brunch

Yes, we woke up early on a lovely Sunday to start my birthday celebration. Well, it's more like Al waking me up because while I was sleeping, he suddenly opened the lights, sang Happy Birthday out loud, gave me a dozen of beautiful red roses (the most beautiful ones I've seen him give me so far), while recording my surprised reaction on the digicam (which I won't post coz I look like crap in the morning and the bed is such a mess, hehe).

Anyway, we chilled in the morning and got ready to head out to Millbrae. Already, I was getting text birthday greetings from family and friends. I've also gotten voicemails, but less than online greetings. I was actually surprised with all the online greetings (even from people I don't usually keep in touch with). Nevertheless, it always feels good to be remembered.

We picked up Mo and drove on the 280 to Millbrae Ave where Hong Kong Flower Lounge is at (venue for the dimsum brunch). On the way, just when I was getting really reved up and happy, I got a call from my bank's security office saying that someone has been using my card fraudulently. I freaked out because first of all, it's my birthday, second of all, I invited 30 poeple and then how can we access our money to pay for brunch if our account is blocked? So I talked to them some more and we were okay, only my card was blocked. Phew! But it bummed me out for awhile.

Anyway, when we got there, my friend Ed and Michelle were already there (then again, they're always early for events). They were followed by my Dad and half-sibs, bro Jep and his family, then my older bro Kuya Jon and his family. My long time friend Peng was there too and her family. It was the first time I saw her new baby (2 months old) so I was really, really excited. Dong, Mickey, and Violet were all late, but made it in time for dimsum. I invited others but they weren't able to make it (the dimsum was kind of a last minute decision and originally we were going to have brunch in Cheesecake Factory in Union Square so we can go shopping afterwards, hehe. But I think Al's suggestion for dimsum was an excellent idea since it was more family style. I got a bouquet of beautiful flowers from my dad and sibs, a Little Miss Sunshine dvd from my younger bro, See's chocolates from Mo, and a olive oil dipping set plus Bath and Body stuff from the Tarifas. Thanks mucho! The best gift though is from hubby - a trip and tour of the East Coast! Can't wait!

After brunch, we dropped off Mo and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks with my niece and nephew. The movie had a good concept and I absolutely love Jason Lee, but they could've made it better. I wish they added more pop cover songs, chimpmunk style, just how I remember the cartoon. But I think the kids loved it. We also strolled the mall, and bought a Rock Band shirt, a Naruto keychain, and a Family Guy dvd for Brandon. We also bought Nikki a Jonas Brothers CD, her fave band at the moment. So guess what we listened to on the way back to their place? We also passed by Sonic to eat a late dinner (we also ate at the movies too). This was definitely one of the best birthdays ever.


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