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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day with Family

We woke up late today since we got home at 2 am this morning from Jep's Christmas eve celebration (we also stayed up late until 4). After lunch, we dropped by Al's uncle's house in San Mateo, my godchild Jessica and friend May in Pacifica, and my uncle and aunt's house in SF to drop off gifts. We drove to my Dad's in Valley Joe to celebrate Christmas day with my family there. As soon as we got there, we were greeted by all their doggies Jun-Jun, Bella, and Jordan (Thor and Shanook were in the backyard). Tita Ana cooked some lumpia, dinuguan, pancit, menudo, and the yummy papaitan! I brought some sweet ham from Goldilocks and embutido.

We watched some basketball while eating since my Dad loves that sport. Then the guys started to play Wii, and Al brought his two remotes. So there were four, and it was my first time to witness four players. After playing Wii Sports, they played some Mario Olympic game, I forgot what it's called. Afterwards, Nat played some Christmas music while we all opened our gifts. Al and I got a stainless steel coffee maker from Anton and Cherry, a $40 Cheesecake Factory gift card from Nat and Char, money from my Dad, and memory foam slippers from my Tita Ana. I loved all my gifts, but the best one was from Cherry, an art work she made via etching from a metal plate. There was lots of detail on it and it was awesome! We ate again, and then some more. We also sang Natalie a birthday song since it was her special day yesterday. We ate some cake, hung out a bit and called it a day. I love spending time with those guys. Btw, for xmas eve I also got memory foam pad and pillows from Al, movie and gas gift cards from Mo, money from my Uncle Bill and Auntie Loreto, Heroes Season 1 from Jep and Abs, a cute photo box and album from the Redublo's, and a Gucci wallet from the Gamo's. Here's a short clip of our celebration (too bad I didn't get a shot of the guys playing Wii coz it was fun to watch). By the way, most of the crazy shots were taken by my 3 year old niece Camila -


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Nice story...I got hook up reading it until I finish the story...:)

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