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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Getting Our Christmas Tree

Finally! We got our Christmas tree! It's pretty late, but at least we got the one we wanted. It's smaller than what we got last year, but we're still feelin' the Christmas spirit! I also got my Christmas cards to send to family and friends that don't have access to the internet like my grandma, hehe. I just need to do more shopping. I already got my boxes, wrappers, and labels for the gifts. We still need to decorate our tree though. I'll probably do it tomorrow.

Al also kept convincing me to get a haircut (he also wanted one too). I liked his longer hair, but he needed a trim. He got more than a trim though *sob*. As for my hair, I dunno if I like it, but it's way shorter than I expected *double sob*. I miss my long hair. Al likes it, but I think I'm regretting it. But these videos on YouTube cheered me up -


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