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Monday, December 03, 2007

Las Vegas in December

Yey, we are back from Vegas! After our little experience at Virgin America, we landed and quickly rode the shuttle to get our car rental (we told my uncles not to pick us up since we wanted our own car so we can drive around the strip). Our first stop was Palms. We played the slots (I played Monopoly and enjoyed it while Al went to who knows where). I lost 20 bucks at first but regained it back. Afterwards, it was getting late so we walked around by the towers and their chichi restaurants. Many were dressed up to go clubbin' with their friends. We got hungry so we ate at Bistro Buffet (good thing we were able to make it since they were closing in 30 minutes). I was so full (I loved the crab) that we took some outside pics and called it a day. Then off to Henderson to visit granny!

I showed Lola the digital photo frame that my bro gave her and she loved it! We chatted a bit with family and my grandma's sister and I slept at 2am! So the next day, we woke up to eat a hearty breakfast care of my Lola Linda's home cooking, dressed up to go to church, took some pics by the Christmas tree (I told Lola to do a gangsta pose), and attended a bilingual mass (I didn't understand half of it). After church, we ate lunch at the buffet at Sam's Town (I think it's my Lola's fave place, hehe) and played some slots. I had fun since I lost 20 bucks again and got it back! I think we all had fun, even Al lost some at the slots and won it back playing the Wheel of Fortune. On our way home, we passed by a Chinese restaurant and bought some dinner. At night, we watched the funny Ali G on my uncle's projector TV (this will be our next investment).

The next day, Al and I woke up early to pick-up Uncle Boy at the airport. We were excited to see him too since I haven't seen him since June. Anyhoo, he's picking up Lola so she can come home already. Her therapist passed by the house to say farewell to Lola and show my uncle her exercises. We also ate a classic champorado and daing breakfast (yum). I was working the whole day afterwards (many projects going on) while Al shopped for groceries at Seafood City in LV with Lola, so she can bring some stuff home too. As soon as Al came back, he cooked his yummy beef sinigang and fried tilapia with a tomato salsa on the side. Of course the guys wanted patis too, hehe. Everybody loved it!

At night, we were rushing to get to the airport. We returned our car rental and rode the shuttle back. I still can't believe the LV airport is huge! We had to ride the tram just to make it to our gate! Since it was still early, Al paid a visit to where my uncle and lola was waiting to board which was very far from our gate. When we were finally boarding the plane, the staff announced that the in-flight entertainment is off because it's not ready yet since our plane was only three weeks old! Oh wells. We did get a voucher though for free food and movies when we fly with them again (man, I thought it was a free flight). We missed Heroes but we plan to watch it online tonight.


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