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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Happy holidays y'all! My employer told us to leave early last Friday to get a head-start on our fab three-day weekend. I was looking forward to it, but in a way, I also felt overwhelmed. The weekend started with a dental appointment and a mall visit. I wasn't pleased to go last-minute shopping on a few more items I needed (I just got confirmation that my cousins from LA are going to spend Christmas in the Bay Area). Since I could not find any parking in the mall, I just left so I won't be late for my dental appointment. Now I'm not sure if having prep work on my teeth before Christmas was such a good idea because it hurt a lot!

Anyway, on Christmas eve, Al drove all the way to Daly City to pick up our dessert orders (four boxes of silvana, two boxes of sansrival, and a box of ensaymadas) at House of Silvana. He also picked up our order of sweet ham at Goldilocks. Then we proceeded to Jep's to spend the eve with them. We had planned on several stops before that, but we decided to not do it so we won;t be too stressed.

I knew it was a fun night as soon as I entered the door. There were several guests already, and Camila was jumping up and down screaming Ninang, Ninang, Ninang! over and over again! The welcome felt sooo good I tell you, and coming from a kid whose heart is pure, I was ecstatic! There was a lot of food, and I was happy to see that Abs cooked my fave prime rib!

The fun part of the night was the gift giving and opening, of course. But we also had a white elephant game (I got a stuffed toy). That night I got a couple of gifts from my bro (a pair of Banana Republic wedge shoes), my hubby (a bluetooth headset), my auntie (art wall decor), an acquaintance (different types of coffee syrups), and my older bro (Gucci perfume). After some magic mic karaoke, and more eating, we called it a night (or rather morning)...

We spent our Christmas day at my Dad's. I was glad the family is complete (my two half-sibs just came back from vacationing in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines). After a hearty dinner and chatting, we gave and opened gifts (yep, the fun part). I got a bottle of Korbel from Anton, a nice bag, shawl and vase from Nat and Charlene (from Vietnam and Thailand), and some box of mint choco cookies from my stepmom. Kewlness! Then we took pictures of the whole family, looked at my sib's Asian trip pics, chatted some more, and ate some more. I was already sick this day, but it was a fun Christmas for me anyway.


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