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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Christmas Gift to Hubby

Well okay, it's one of my gifts since he also got a Polo graphic sweater and another one he wanted. It was also my gift to my cousin, friend and her son. I bought them Warriors tix, and they were happy opening their boxes to find the hard tickets, hehe. It was their first basketball game ever, and Al's second. After work, we all drove to Oracle Arena in Oakland to catch the game. I was still very sick but I braved it since it was my Christmas gift to Al. Our seats were upper level since the game was sold out, but it wasn't too bad either. The opposing team wasn't a good team (Timberwolves) but I figured it would be a good game because the Warriors would win for sure, hehe. My friend's son bought a jersey using his mxas money, and we all bought food there since we didn't eat dinner and were so hungry (tip - food is expensive so eat first before going). Anyway, we saw the amazing Baron Davis. It was an exciting game since it's a close game and I thought the Timberwolves would catch up. There were a lot of freebies, moving lights, fun contests, dancing cheerleaders, and loud hip-hop music that got the crowd going. A bunch of crazy, drunk fans were amusing to watch too. Anyway, watch our short video -


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