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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Our Virgin America Experience

Al and I were psyched going to Las Vegas this time because its holiday season on the land of lights so that means double lightage. Also, it's our first time to fly Virgin America. We were early at SF airport (actually one hour early when we checked in) and already the people on the counter said we couldn't check in our bags anymore. We know that's bull and this lady by the counter laughed at us when we said we were checking in our bags. I was very insulted (not that she had a good job and I probably earn way more than her). This gave me a snooty impression of the airline already. To top it off, they had this other lady on the floor that was giving us lectures like we haven't traveled before, ordering us to put our IDs on the counter over and over again when I heard her the first time. She could've asked us nicely ya know. Good thing this nice guy said that policy is 30 minutes before the flight for check in and told us that he would help us check in our baggage by calling someone. Now that's customer service! Besides we were EARLY! We've been with other airlines and other airports, but not Virgin America. Hmmm. Oh and there was another snooty guy by the counter preparing our boarding passes. Oh the attitude! Yuck!

Anyway, the good thing is, it's an open flight so we can choose whatever seats (although I have reserved excellent front window seats in the first place near first class). We were awestruck by the interior - a detector upon entrance, leather seats, and your own media entertainment center. Wow. And it's not even first class. The only thing I didn't like was that the seats were a little cramped and small. But I can't complain coz I had my own remote control, hehehe. So Al and I were on a channel surfing frenzy (yeah they are subscribed to DISH Network, our satellite TV of choice even at home). Also, you can choose form an array of movies and videos, play the radio, play music, chat with your seat mates (yeah there is a key pad on the remote), order food, etc. Even instructions on safety were being shown on the monitors in animation, not by the stewardess which I think is very kewl. But they did go around to give us our free drinks.

When the plane landed on Vegas, I didn't want to leave yet since my movie wasn't don yet, hehehe. But as soon as we got out of the plane, there was house music playing with a little Christmas tree to greet you. How chichi, like going to a lounge or club, hahaha. It did feel that way on the plane, but hey I can't complain. They have the most amazing system ever!


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