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Monday, December 17, 2007

Pre-Christmas Happenings

I've had the pleasure of an everyday visitor the past days. While working at home, my friend Mo passes by and eats lunch with me. Since I've been having a frequent visitor, I decided to start decorating for Christmas to have some Christmas spirit in the house. So Al took out the decor from the storage room.

Last Saturday, Al and I drove to the city to celebrate Cherry's graduation from UC Davis. The venue was at Osha Thai in Embarcadero and I was surprised to see a lot of my Dad's side of the family. We actually picked up my Uncle Bill and Auntie Loreto in SF before going to Osha. I love that place, although the menu seems different now. Not sure if others have a different menu too. But the ambiance is great, and it was nice to be with family and loved ones. We also got a souvenier bookmark with pictures of Cherry's paintings. Her works are awesome! Congratulations dear sister on your graduation!

After dinner, Al and I brought Camila outside to check out the ice skating rink. We wanted to skate but the place was packed and the line was very, very long! The sounds were good though and it puts everybody in a good mood. It was very cold though...

The next day, we went to mass and finally started our long-overdue Christmas shopping. I had made my list already so I can get stuff in one sweep (as I do every year). And I also have things in mind already, I just need to look for a good deal. I hated going to the malls because it was packed and parking was very, very difficult to find. Our first stop was Toys R'Us to buy gifts for all my godchildren. I also stopped by Safeway for all the gift cards :), then Costco for ciders and goodies, then Trader Joe's for all the wine and chocolates, the 99 cent store for all the wrappers, cards, tags, and this cushy thingy I wanted to have, and then finally the mall when it wasn't too packed. After all the shopping (I pretty much got everything except for 4 people), I tried wrapping gifts as much as I could and called it a day. I pretty much did 80% of my gift wrapping and shopping so I was happy.


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