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Monday, January 14, 2008

An Around Around Loop Tour

We woke up early to fall in line to get stand by tickets for the Live with Regis and Kelly show on ABC. This wasn't really part of our itinerary but whaddahey. Since we're in NY, might as well check it out. There were people in line already in the cold morning, as early as 6 am. Good thing ABC provided free breakfast for all, such as coffee, water, hot cocoa, bagels, etc. Around 7:30 am, after the ticket holders went in, we finally got our stand-by ticket. Al and I had a good chance because we were numbers 6 and 7. There was also a prediction of a snow storm, so maybe some people with tickets didn't show up. But the weather prediction was false, it was actually a good day.

We had to go back around 8:30 am, so we parked our car in the garage, hung out at Starbucks across the studio, came back to go through metal detectors, walking inside the studio, getting our numbers for the audience contest, and sitting in the front row, next to the band set. Anyway, we were star-struck when the first guest came out - it was Katie Holmes! She talked about her movie and answered Regis and Kelly's questions. I was just trying to take pictures! On breaks, Regis and Kelly would talk to the audience, and got so close to us at one point because they were talking to the lady right beside Al. We could've talked to them too, but we were just speechless! Haha, we're such dorks!

Anyway, after Katie Holmes, Dylan Walsh of Nip Tuck came out. After his interview, the band Finger Eleven played a song (forgot the title, I don't even know the band). It was a fun day at the set, plus Regis and Kelly shot ads for their show afterwards and we got to see that too.

After the show, we drove to Times Square to go on our NYC tour. Btw, we just had to add $10 to our night tour tix to go around NY - such a good deal! Yes we are touristy, and yes we bought tix for the double-decker bus all around loop tour in NYC. The tour included a downtown tour, an uptown tour, a Brooklyn tour and a night tour (which we did already). What's cool is we originally got tix for only the night tour, and the next day, Al purchased tix for the day tour and only paid an extra $10! What a sweet deal. It was also hop-on, hop-off, so we can stop and take pictures. We opted not to in the first round. We also sat on top of the double-decker freezing cold. So when we reached Macy's Herald Square, Al and I hopped-off and he bought be a pair of black boots that are waterproof for the snow and rain, and warm with fur inside. Then we ate at a nearby Tad's coz it was cheap (hehe, we were on a budget and at least we got to eat steaks). Then we rode the tour bus again from where we hopped-off and tried to catch the ferry at South Street Seaport but they were closed. So we just window shopped at the stores there (and heard Kate Nash in the building).

The tour also included the following sites - Uptown Treasures & Harlem, the glitter of Manhattan on the night tour, Times Square, Empire State Building, United Nations, South Street Seaport, Financial District, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, site of the World Trade Center, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Broadway, Museum Mile, New York Historical Society, The Dakota (where John Lennon was shot), Lincoln Center, Time Warner Center, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim, Frick Collection, Apollo Theater, Hamilton Grange, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, B&H Photo, Madison Square Garden, Macy's Herald Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Strawberry Fields, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, Bloomingdale's, Harlem Market, Museum of the City of New York (but they were closed that day), NYU, Parson's School of Design, Julliard, Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, Friend's apartment, Brooklyn Museum, Antique Furniture District, Fulton Mall, 5th & 7th Ave (boutiques, restaurants, shops), Manhattan Bridge, Trump Tower, Waldorf Astoria, American Museum of Natural History, George Washington Bridge, Hudson River, Brooklyn residential buildings, Duke Ellington statue, Mount Sinai Hospital, Carnegie Mansion, Katz (site of When Harry Met Sally famous scene), United Nations, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, ESPN, Madame Tussaud, Church in the Village, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan School of Music, Teresa Hotel (welcomed Fidel Castro), Grant Memorial, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York City Ballet, Christie's, Grand Central Station, St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York Public Library, Love sign, and much, much more.

At night, we ate dinner at the Thai restaurant next to our hotel. We were originally going to eat at Carmine's, but after getting their to go menu, we felt we weren't in the mood for their dishes and wanted something more spicier. At the Thai restaurant, we had our usual calamari, and ordered some mango chicken. Then we went back to our hotel room and crashed.


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