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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Bay Area Storm Incident

Oh my gosh! I just saw a tree on top of two cars and a carport. While working at home, I heard a loud crashing thump and then alarm sounds going off. I looked outside and I saw the tree on top of two cars, at a spot where I usually park my car. The car was totalled and really crushed! Good thing I decided not to park there today. I also checked our van and saw that it was okay - the trees around it weren't huge. I haven't seen a storm like this ever since I was in the Philippines (and that was 17 years ago). It was frightening because I was awakened by banging sounds caused by strong winds and flying objects. I looked outside and I can feel the glass door and windows shaking. There were thunder sounds to top it all off too! Scary! I wanted to go out to buy some Munchos but when I looked outside, the winds were just sooo strong and trees were swaying like they were going to fall.

There is another storm brewing on TV, this time it's Omarosa's return on The Apprentice. I was watching Celebrity Apprentice last night and it's interesting to see how celebrities conduct their business and see how they use their 'celebrity status' to raise a lot of money. I think this will be an interesting episode to watch.

UPDATE - I found out that the two cars that were crushed by the tree was owned by the same couple, one owned by the husband and the other the wife. Sad. The pics I took can be seen on KGO and KTVU's websites.


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