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Friday, January 18, 2008

Family Dinner After Atlantic City

So it's Friday morning, and originally, we were supposed to go to Niagara Falls. But Al said it's too far and we need at least two days there, so we just decided to spend the morning in New Jersey's Atlantic City and have dinner with his family. Besides, after our snow storm experience, we didn't want to drive too far. We woke up early and left around 7 am to drive to Atlantic City, which is a good two hours from NYC.

We passed by the Lincoln Tunnel and New Jersey Turnpike. After a couple of tolls (Al was complaining already), we reached Atlantic City, a small version of Las Vegas, so to speak. First building we saw upon exiting was the Trump Plaza, next to it was Ceasar's Palace, and outlet stores. We parked and walked inside the Trump Plaza which had nice chandeliers and the Trump logo everywhere. We were hungry so we ate brunch there. It was pricey and the food was mediocre (okay, it was yucky) at Broadway Cafe. Lobby was nice but the buffet area is outdated with neon lights and black/gold colors which is sooo 80's.

We played some slots and I had fun as usual. I only lost $7 bucks! First I lost then I won it back. I played this slots called Reel 'Em In and Monopoly, and got a lot of bonus points which made it more fun. Overall, we lost $47 total, which isn't too bad (Al lost most of it, playing Wheel of Fortune, hehe). We drove around some more, passing by more hotels like Tropicana and Resorts, casinos like Bally's, Rainforest Cafe, and the Trump Taj Mahal (so we had to take a picture). We also made a quick stop at Rite Aid coz I ran out of batteries.

After a fun day at Atlantic City, we drove back to NY while playing Kate Nash over an over (btw, saw her on E! News last night). In New York, it was still early with our appointment with Al's family so we decided to ride the ferry to the statue of liberty. We found excellent parking, walked through Battery Park to buy tickets and catch the ferry. It was a bumpy ride, and we caught the last ferry. Since it was the last one, it didn't even pass by Ellis Island. We missed the 4 pm ride back to NY, so we had to wait until 5 pm, and was late in picking up Al's cousin and nephew (sorry Mary and Monty). We picked them up on 5th Ave, and drove to Bronx to meet up with the rest of the family.

We arrived at his cousin's apartment. Their apartment was nice, with a lot of Kuya Norman's artworks on the walls, and other awesome wood carvings. It kinda gave me an idea of how to decorate our place in the future. We ate a chinese dinner, chatted a bit, took pictures, and called it a day. Then we drove to Staten Island to drop off Mary who had two cute dogs, Casper and Onix, and who had a nice place too. She invited us to sleep over but Al wanted to pack early since we were leaving the next day. At least we got to visit other parts of NY.


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