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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A North Face Shopping Day

It's been another wet weekend in the Bay Area, and for the whole week, I've been at home except for times I needed to be in the building for work. We meant to stay home today since it's been raining, but Al insisted we pass by my friend's house so we can drop off our pasalubog to him (yeah you guessed it, I *heart* New York shirts, hehe). Al also needed to pass by our mailbox to get an important letter. Since we were going to be in the city, we thought that we had a lot of pictures of other cities, but we don't have pictures of our own city. So we decided to be a tourist of SF for one day.

But before that, Al was on a quest to get his North Face jacket for years now (he has one windbreaker but is not for winter). He's been reluctant to buy one because the style he wants was so expensive. So now he told me that we should check out the outlet store in Berkeley. We picked up our friend, ate breakfast at Manila Eatery, and drove to Berkeley to check out their merchandise.

As soon as we parked, I noticed that I didn't have my bag (I had left t at the restaurant). Al called the place quickly and they found it! Since we were already in Berkeley, he told them that we were going to pick it up in a few hours. In the store, they had a lot of jackets on the racks, and some clearance items. Some styles were outdated, but Al found some good ones too (a bit pricy though). He chose two, and asked the lady in the counter how much they were (plus 30% off). They were actually very good deals, so good that he ended up buying both. I bought a pair of boots for $14 to keep my feet warm (am wearing them right now as I type, hehe). Luv it! They were 40% off. Anyhoo, after the outlet shopping, we drove quickly to Manila Eatery, while they both also bought some taho. It started to rain, so we went to McDonald's (to use their wifi) while we wait for the rain to subside.

After a few minutes, we headed to Fort Funston, Sutro Park, Queen Wilhemina Gardens, California Legion of Honour (where we got in for free, coz we needed to use the restroom), Fort Point and Golden Gate Bridge, China Landing, Crissy Fields, and Ghirardelli. It was getting dark, but there were more places to visit. But it also started to rain again. We decided to eat dinner at Fog City Diner (I had calamari and this delicious crab salad, Al had angel hair pasta, and our friend had a clam soup). He also treated us (it was kinda pricey there, and portions were little). We passed on desserts since it didn't seem appetizing. And then we called it a day. We will resume being an SF tourist another day.


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