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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our First Snow Storm Experience

We woke up a little later than usual, a little past 7 am because we slept later last night. We prepped our GPS for our drive to Boston, Massachusetts, but we were already experiencing some problems (signal can't be found). Al checked the weather and it was predicted to be sunny up in Boston. We drove up Connecticut and stopped for breakfast at McDonald's. After breakfast, we drove another hour and stopped at a rest area because Al was sleepy. There was a blanket of snow on the rest area grounds and it was freezing cold. But it was beautiful so we took pics. 'Twas the first time I walked on more than 2 inches of snow. After Al's small nap and getting some gas, we drove to Boston. The roads seem gloomy, but the trees are picturesque of winter, leafless and wrapped in snow.

We finally reached Cambridge to visit Harvard University, Harvard library, and Harvard Square, passing by the Charles River. I wanted to visit Mystic River (as in the movie) but I didn't where it was. Anyway, Cambridge is probably my favorite visit, with small shops and cheap but nice restaurants for students. We walked around and Al bought his souvenirs while I bought a pack of pens with the school's logo for souvenirs, and a pair of gloves since I lost mine (I dunno what happened to my gray gloves). The new gloves were crimson, one of my fave colors aside from baby blue, and they were also the school's colors. We walked around the school, and it had a prep school feel to it, with brick buildings and blankets of snow. For some reason our walk felt romantic, then all of a sudden, Al throws a snowball at me (wish I took a video of it). Wish I went to school there. We also passed by the Harvard Crimson, window shopped at the Harvard book store, went inside the student center, and took picture by Emerson Hall.

Since we were already in Cambridge, we drove to look for MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a highly-regarded school of science and technology.
We took pictures and headed for Boston.

In Boston, Al insisted we visit Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, and oldest MLB stadium which opened in 1912. Al, being a sports fanatic, was happy to make it to Fenway Park. We took pictures by the 'Green Monster' and a Ted Williams statue. We also passed by other known establishments such as Boston University, Tufts University, and Berklee College of Music. We also toured Boston in a day, driving around their Financial District (passing by the State House), Beacon Hill, their Public Garden covered in snow (beautiful sight), Theater District, Chinatown, and the North End.

We finally reached our destination after going around in circles - Quincy Market. We parked, walked inside, took pictures, and ate an awesome seafood platter dinner. After dinner, Al bought a Guinness cap and shirt. He also bought a Boston mug. And while waiting for him, I looked up and saw the bar in the show Cheers. I didn't know that it was inside Quincy Market! How cool is that. So of course we has to take more pics. We strolled outside the nicely-lit North Market. I tried to convince Al to lodge in Boston so we can go to Cape Cod and Rhode Island since it was part of our itinerary but didn't happen because it was late. So we chose to pass by Connecticut instead, so we can visit Yale University on our way back.

We made a pit stop for gas and it started to snow. I grabbed a snow flake and it looked exactly how it is drawn. At first it was beautiful and I was enjoying it. But the weather prediction that Al checked was wrong, and the light falling snow soon turned into a snow storm. I think I had a panic attack because I didn't know what to do. So our Yale visit didn't happen, and it was dark, plus I was convincing Al to lodge in Connecticut but to no avail. I wasn't even sure if our GPS was working, then I began to cry. Al was calm and assured me we'll be alright, drove slower then usual since we could see the lanes anymore because of the snow, and still relied on the GPS. I'm glad we were on the right track and finally reached New York. It was such a sigh or relief when I saw NY. I though we were lost for a moment.


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