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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our Last Day in New York

We are sad that it's our final day in New York, but still many things to do. I still want to see Spring Awakening again and get every one's pic and autograph. I wanted to see the Conan show before he moves to LA. And I want to explore NYC more, go to Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Niagara, and go back DC and Baltimore. Oh wells. Gives me reason to go back I guess.

Anyway, on our last day, we made sure we visit other NYC spots we haven't visited yet. But before that, we had to check out of our hotel. Al got charged extra for phone calls and wifi disconnected right away. No worries, we drove back on 5th Ave to visit the popular Apple store because its just a giant transparent cube (and there's a reasons why it was built that way). Right behind it was the CBS building, and we peeped through the windows to get a glimpse of a morning show (one guy was asking us if we were there for the show and was ready to direct us, but we said no, hehe). Beside the Apple store was the famous FAO Schwarz but it was closed and seemed smaller outside (I miss the one in SF too but now it's gone). Across it was Central Park, so we crossed the street and paid a final visit to take more pics. We also decided to ride the ferry at Battery Park (where Al managed to get a photo with an NYPD officer on a horse).

We found the perfect parking spot by Battery Park, and walked towards the ferry to visit the statue once again, and this time landing on Ellis Island. We took more pictures on Liberty Island and enjoyed the view very much. It was also a nice chilly stroll for me and Al, reminiscent of our dating years, hehe. After the nice ferry ride, we drove back to Times Square to buy a bunch of 'I heart New York' shirts (7 shirts for $10). Al also bought bigger luggage because we we're bringing more stuff back to SF. We got hungry, so we ate at an Indian restaurant close by.

After lunch, we walked back to our car and it was gone! Al had left the luggage at the back seat, plus all our stuff and my laptop was in the trunk. I soooo thought our car rental was stolen. So it freaked me out. Al was calm, talked to an NYPD officer nearby (probably two blocks away), and he investigated the scene. He said that our car was most likely towed not stolen, because there were no signs of broken glass. The cop also mentioned that we weren't supposed to park on that street either. Signs are so confusing! We didn't know for sure, but it was sort of a relief for us. Al hailed a cab and we went to the nearest NYPD precinct while they checked their system. They found the car and it was at a NYPD impound, but they mentioned that processing might take a while. We were freaking out because it was three hours before our flight back to SF. We rode another cab to the impound and waited in line to have our paperwork processed. After everything was done and over, Al was driving fast to JFK. I so thought we wouldn't make it (while driving, I was also transferring our clothes and other stuff in the new luggage in the back seat). Fortunately, we made it, just 5 minutes before boarding. Phew! That was a close call!

Unfortunately for Al, we missed going to the Yankee stadium (he really wanted to go there). Maybe next time. But we will forever remember our memories of New York - lots of taxis and scary drivers; locals wearing neutral colors (either blank, gray or white, and if your colorful, you must be a tourist); Munchos stock (it's hard to find it here); Duane Reade in every corner (sort of like the ABC's of Hawaii); old school gas stations (most are not self-service); tons of toll stops, a lot of people wearing North Face jackets; lots of trash bags on the sidewalks of Manhattan (made me appreciate how clean SF is); lots of celebrity sightings; lots of things to do and happenings; falling snow; car accidents, honking and sirens everywhere; confusing parking signs; lightning-fast tow trucks; great architecture; lots of museums; and Kate Nash being played in the car over and over again on our road trips. I'll also remember all our mishaps (snow storm panic in Connecticut, and the car towing), plus all the lucky times (the return of shows despite writer's strike, celebrity sightings, free meals, free parking, free car upgrade, free shows, great deal on hotel, winning in Atlantic City, free entrances to museums, etc). But were still glad to be back in San Francisco!


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