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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shopping on MLK Weekend

As soon as we landed SFO, we bought dinner at Krung Thai, ate at home, unpacked and organized, and just crashed. The next day, we relaxed at home, but in the afternoon, my friend Mo wanted me to go with her to get a haircut for my godson. After the haircut at the Valco Mall, Mo treated me to watch the movie Enchanted after a Fresh Choice dinner (thanks so much Mo). I liked the movie very much - it was funneee! She also showed me this place called Strike which I thought would be a good venue for a birthday in the future. We also did some shopping, and I ended up buying a pair of cute Mudd flat brown shoes.

The next day was a holiday, Martin Luther Day, and both me and Al have no work. Again, my friend Mo invited us to go shopping since she needed to look for some work clothes. We thought of going to the Great Mall in Milpitas and found items that I've been looking for a while now. So I got a messenger bag from Calvin Klein, a wool coat from H&M for a sale price of $30 (originally $99), brown boots from Sketchers, while Al bought a pair of new brown leather shoes at Sketchers as well. Mo bought a black top at Banana Republic.

We got hungry so we decided to eat at D&B. I got their fried shrimp, while Al and Mo got mini burgers. For dessert, Mo got a banana cream pie (I think) and Al and I got donut holes. Our server kept talking to us, showed us pics from his blackberry, and told us to check out his bakery in Napa. He kinda made our dinner interesting. Afterwards, we decided to watch the movie Atonement, but since it was still early, we played some pool at D&B to kill some time. I've never played pool at D&B before, but it was fun. Then we watched the movie.

I thought it was a good movie, but a sad one. I am now a fan of James McAvoy (he does remind me of Josh Charles in the movie). And of course, I was always a fan of Keira Knightley. After the movie, we called it a day and got ready for the rest of the work week.


Anonymous Momo said...

The food was great but my pool skills are terrible! :) And the movie, the very definition of tragic love loss. Maybe I don't have it so bad after all. J/J.

9:51 AM


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