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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Start of a Wonderful New Year

Though I had work on the day of NYE, my boss told me to log out early for the holidays. Woohoo! 2007 was great, but it's time for 2008! The year's already starting great! We planned to meet up with friends Anne and Dave in San Francisco since they didn't make it to my dimsum brunch yesterday (they were moving to a new place). So we were excited to spend New Year's with them, and be a NYE reveller in te best city in the world!

Al had to work too, so we ate a dimsum dinner near our place, before driving off to the city. We reached Inn at the Opera, a small, nice building right next to Civic Center. As soon as we got there, we played some Wii Sports (Al brought his remote so we can play with 4 players), drank some Martinelli's, and chatted a bit. Then we decided to head out to Embarcadero, passing by City Hall, Opera Plaza, and catching the BART at the Civic Center station. As soon as we reached Embarcadero, the streets were already buzzing with people, street vendors selling neon light thingies, someone was in a clown costume, some were wearing their New Year hats and horns, and others had liquor in their hands. There were many, many cops, and we tried moving close to the Ferry Building until we reached a metal barricade. We had the best view, a view that was also frequented by media and photographers trying to capture the event and the crowd. It was a fun crowd, some cheering 'Let's Go Giants' or 'Let's Go Warriors' which I thought was hilarious. Some were just singing and making up their own cheers and chanting out loud together with their own group of friends. Some were even dancing in the streets, while others tooted their horns. We were watching the ferry clock closely, and as soon as the clock struck midnight, fireworks started. It was such a beautiful sight, and I'm glad that it wasn't raining (not like other New Year's Eves in the past).

I was getting text messages from family and friends so I greeted them back via text. I tried returning calls on my cell but I could not get connected. I guess everybody is using their cellphone. We spent the night at Inn at the Opera courtesy of Anne and Dave who stayed there for a week already (they had an extra sofa bed which was perfect so we didn't have to drive all the way back to the south since it was very late and we were already sleepy).

The next morning, I was awakened by a call from my auntie and also by the alert of other text messages greeting me a Happy New Year (others still greeting me a Happy Birthday). We then prepped to go downstairs for a continental breakfast at Ovation which was kinda chi chi. Even the elevator was playing classical music. For breakfast, they had the typical continental breakfast - muffins, fruits, OJ, cereal, toast, bagels, coffee, and eggs. We went back upstairs, played more Wii (oh yeah I watched Dave play Super Mario Galaxy which was a cute but dizzying game), showered, and got ready for lunch. Then we decided to eat at Tu Lan, a hole-in-the-wall by the ghetto Tenderloin district. It had the best cheap food though, hehe.

After a hearty lunch, we drove to Macy's Union Square because Al wanted to buy these Armani Exchange sunglasses he saw before Christmas (he's been wanting them for the longest time, hoping they were on sale). After shopping at Macy's, we walked across to check out a huge xmas tree inside Nieman Marcus (oh and we took pics of our reflection on their huge ornament). We also shopped at Old Navy, watched a demo of Garageband at the Apple store, played UFO catcher at the Metreon, visited a comic store, and played arcade games at Tilt. I actually got a soccer ball that said I won 2500 points and is redeemable for prizes. Woohoo! New Year's is getting better.

We walked back to our parking spot because it was getting dark, check out mechanical xmas displays at Macy's windows, took pics and posed by the huge xmas tree by Union Square, and decided to eat dinner at Osha on Geary. Thanks to Anne and Dave for treating us. After dinner, we dropped off the couple and headed home. Happy New Year everyone!


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