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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ultimate Guitar Hero Showdown

Al told me to check out this keynote speech from Bill Gates at CES. I wonder if this is this his last keynote. Check out this funny bit with Bill Gates rockin' Guitar Hero with none other then Slash! It would've been cooler though if he didn't reveal him right away -

Anyway, on Saturday, I braved the storm to drive all the way to DC to get my unclaimed packages in my mail box. I can't believe I'm still receiving xmas and bday gifts. I finally got the wedding invite of a friend and it was the most beautiful wedding invite I have ever received so far. And it came with a box of yummy Baci chocolates for a xmas gift. I also got another dvd set of Heroes Season 1 so now I have two. On Sunday, two friends treated me out for lunch at Vegetarian House in SJ. It was my first time there, and I must admit, they do have good food. I am thinking of going back there again. I got more gifts from them, one which I really loved - a set of portable computer accessories, and it came with a bag! I also got a frame with bible inscriptions from our wedding, and a personalized mouse pad with a picture of me and Al when we were still dating (it was touching to receive that and I didn't know we had that picture). At night, my friends hung out at home playing the wii, surfing the net, eating dinner, and chatting. I feel so blessed right now.


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