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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Am Becoming a Workaholic

I can't believe it! I've spent long, long hours at work just trying to complete projects and back-to-back requests. And tonight I finally get a blogging break! I can happily say that I overcame my first obstacle at a sort of new responsibility at work (sort of because I used to do it, but I haven't tackled it since last year). I've been neglecting some other stuff I need to do at home since I've been working after work hours. And this morning, my back suddenly gave up on me and started to hurt again. Ay caramba!

Anyway, I usually just tell Al to give me a kiss and a hug and everything will be better. And it does. Feels good that despite being tired from work, Al has me covered - dinner and other chores. If you're reading this hon, I really, really appreciate it! Okay, now I need to sleep, I have a headache!


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