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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

It's that day again, when chocolate companies, flower vendors, and restaurants ramp up their marketing for Valentine' Day. Okay, I have this attitude towards this day, but it's also nice to celebrate it anyway, a reminder of love, not just towards your significant other, but family and friends as well. Al and I didn't have anything planned, but after work we decided to watch a movie.

We drove to Hillcap to check out the theaters there, and I didn't know that there were drive-thru theaters there. I didn't think those were around still, but I guess I was wrong. I haven't gone to a drive-thru since the mid-90's in San Francisco, when they used to have the Geneva drive-thrus (scary area too, but my friends wanted to check it out). It turned out that my one time experience at that location would be my last time there too (since they closed it down). But Al and I were thinking, since it's Valentines, maybe we should opt for a drive-thru movie. But we didn't, hehe. We'll try it another time, at least now I know where it is.

So we went to the regular theaters right next to it, and Al bought tix for Definitely, Maybe which we both wanted to see. We both love Abigail Breslin, especially when we saw her in Little Miss Sunshine (I think her and Freddie Highmore who I think is awesome too should do a movie together). Ryan Reynolds didn't look so bad either in the film. It was a perfect Valentine's movie because it's a nice love story with a feel-good ending. Oh and since we just came from NY recently, we liked watching the different spots where they shot the movie. 'Twas nice to have some quality time with Al on a weekday. Anyway, happy valentine's day to all!


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