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Monday, February 11, 2008

Song Titles Become Movie Titles

I've been meaning to blog this, but I keep forgeting when I visit my blog. Anyway, Al just noticed how some movies that are out right now seem to be derived from old song titles. Are the movies Fool's Gold and Definitely, Maybe just coincidences withe Stone Roses and Oasis song titles, or is it just a lack of creative thinking on the producer's part? You decide.

Anyway, this past weekend was just wonderful with perfect weather! But it was also errand weekend for us. Since the new year started, Al is keeping up with our health check appointments. So we had our routine dental check-up and Al also had his eye examination and haircut. I had my regular smog check, paid some bills, did some shopping and chores, and organized documents for our tax return. We're glad to be crossing out some stuff off our to-do list since the start of the new year. By the way, happy Chinese New Year to all! Saturday, we went to Hongkong Flower Lounge again because I was craving for some crispy roast pork. Unfortunately, because of the Chinese New year, they were all out. We did have a nice elevated view anyway and good dimsum to make us happy.


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