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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Day Across the Universe

So finally, the movie Across the Universe is on pay-per-view. Al decided to order it tonight instead of going to a club (my older bro was inviting us to go, but Al was tired). And guess who we discovered? T.V. Carpio, an actress who was half Pinay and played Prudence on the film. After watching the movie, I was actually quite impressed with it and director Julie Taymor. I guess my favorite part was the military scene, when one of the characters got drafted. Another amazing scene was the part of the Strawberry Fields song. Not sure what you guys think, but I actually liked the movie. Not sure if I get it 100% but I thought I did. I almost dozed off (maybe there were too many Beatles' songs?) but overall it was good. Bono kinda distracted me though but I must admit, I liked his interpretation of I Am the Walrus. The movie gave me a renewed appreciation for the Beatles (I didn't think their lyrics really had that much profound meaning). But in the end, All You Need is Love (sounds cliche-ish, but it's true). Check out a clip of T.V. Carpio (wish her character was more developed though) -


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