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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day at the Park and Boomers

It's Palm Sunday, so Al and I went with my bro and family to church (we had a long wait before the mass started, so I was trying to do something creative with the palms they gave me). Anyway, after mass, we brought Camila along with us to Tracy to take video messages of my Kuya's family for Lola's upcoming birthday. But after a day at the park where we shot the videos (Camila was on the slides, Nikki on the swing, and Al and Brandon played basketball in the court), they wanted to go Boomers in Livermore. So I consented.

It was a fun-filled day with the kiddies. We all went go-karting (I can't believe they let Camila in with me on the double go-karts), and laser-tagging. We also went miniature golfing, played at the arcades, and ate (Brandon got a free burger). It was also a day of other freebies (we got free mini-golf and go-karts, ask us how, no bumper boats though). I thought I had lost my cell phone - fortunately Al found it in my laptop bag! Am glad the kids had fun. Wish we can go again soon! Check out a clip of Camil, the three yr-old mini-golfer -


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