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Saturday, March 29, 2008

NME Awards in the US?

Yep ye heard it right! I can't believe it, finally my mag of choice ever since I was a teenager is finally having its awards debut in the US, and two days before Coachella. Love it! Now, how to get into the venue...If not, they're streaming the event on myspace.

We bought tix to see Kate Nash in May, the last leg of the NME tour that starts this month. So we're excited to see her (we missed her first concert at Popscene since we were traveling to New York that weekend). Though it's a bigger venue this time around, better late than never right?

Speaking of concerts, the Jonas Brothers tour ticket sales officially start today, and I can't believe it! I was able to get tickets in the first 5 minutes! Not that I care about this band or anything, but they are the hottest ticket in town, and I'm buying it for my 12 year old niece for her birthday. She will be psyched! At first, LiveNation was stalling and freezing on me, but it was a quicker log-in since I was a memeber already. Deng, the fees are $16 bucks! Ugh!

This weekend, we were supposed to go to LA for my godchild's christening, but we cancelled because I said 'yes' to a good friend in her helping her move. We'll make it up to her next time. Btw, I forgot to greet everyone a happy easter! Oh wells, it's kinda late, but again better late than never, right?


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