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Monday, March 03, 2008

What Kept Us Up at Night

Al has a new vice - Guitar Hero 3 for Wii. He bought 2 bundles from Craigslist, one for my niece and nephew, and one for himself. They were good deals and in really good condition (since the other one had lots of stickers, he got the asking price down to $60). Coolio. Anyway, we got addicted to this game because of a weekend at my bro Jep's house. He borrowed GH3 from his friend, and all of a sudden, we were all rockin'! My older bro and family hung out too for dinner, and we all played. It was actually fun, but imagine if it were Rockband, hehe. I loved that they added Sonic Youth's Kool Thing and The Stone Roses' She Bangs the Drums. They are some of my favorite songs. Also, we entered some cheats so we can have all songs. Yey.

Anyway, Al and I also checked out the White Elephant sale in East Oakland. My bro's family was there, and since I miss Camil, we checked it out. We saw them at the shoe section, and when we first approached Camil, she got scared (she thought we were strangers). But when she looked up, she was all smiles (how that makes me sooo happy). What did we end up buying? I got tennis rackets for $1 a piece and Al got a basketball for $3.

The next day, we drove to Tracy to give the kids their surprise, the GH3 we purchased the same morning. Then my kuya drove us around the city to check out some foreclosures after eating at a buffet recommended by Brandon. It was a lovely weekend too and we might be back in the city next week.


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