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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blogging the US NME Awards

I was waiting for this, the first ever US NME Awards to be held at El Ray in LA, and broadcast live on So I hurriedly opened around 9pm, opened the live video fullscreen, and watched intently (I've been reading this magazine ever since I was a teenager, thanks to a couple of friends who introduced me to this, Melody Maker and Vox). So yes, expect me to have cast my vote in the preliminary voting sessions. Anyway, the awards was a small venue, but not without edgy celebrities. There's Kelly Osbourne, Mick Jones (yey), Evan Dando, The Killers, Klaxons, a sort of insecure Har Mar Superstar (haha), host Jim (what's his name), Jane's Addiction, Pete Wentz?!? (who realizes he might get booed when at the NMEs), Kimberly Stewart, and many more. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Tom Anderson, myspace visionary (funny how Jim the host told him to change his profile already). But at least finally I got to see his face and voice live (well, I actually heard his voice on a radio show before).

The show was mostly vulgar with a lot of cussing you won't see on any awards show on tv, with short thank you speeches (more like a thanks), technical difficulties at times, feedback from audio, stalling for time, really drunk presenters and winners, etc. Ah, the beauty of being edgy and underground, but that made the awards show even more worthy to watch. I got bored at times with the presenters and performances, but Jane's Addiction ripped up the stage! All of a sudden, people were on their feet. Wish I was there though. I hope this awards show doesn't lose their edge in their second year (most shows get more sponsors and become too commercialized). Some bands are already in their pretentious "wanna-be-cool-so-i'm-cussing-and-not-speaking" stage (gee, Mick Jones was just too cool without trying - compared to all of them). Either that or a lot of them are too drunk. I do hope for bigger and better acts though in the future (and better winners).


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