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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daddy's 61st Birthday Dinner

Ahhh, more birthdays. After Lola's celebration, we missed Daddy's birthday since we were in another state. But we made up for it by having a family dinner at Patio Filipino in San Bruno. I love that place, and it was a perfect venue for all, especially my vegan sisters since the restaurant also serves vegetarian dishes. All my sibs were there on my dad's side so it was a fun event. Al ordered his fave crispy binagoongan, while the rest ordered the meat and vegetarian versions of kare-kare, bangus sinigang, pork sisig, etc. Al told the waiter that it was dad's birthday and they came out with a leche flan and long thin candle on top of it. We all sang 'Happy Birthday' while the staff banged on pots and pans. It was actually fun. Daddy kept eating his halo-halo, haha, while all of us were singing. Camil kept playing with my hair and my camera. Afterwards, we took pictures outside the restaurant. Check out our pics of the gathering. Some pics were taken by my three-year old niece Camil. Will have the video available soon.


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