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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pre and Post Lola's Birthday Bash

As soon as we arrived at the airport, we went straight to Pike Place Market to eat lunch. We decided to go to the Athenian Inn where they shot Sleepless in Seattle so my bro and family can experience it. I has an amazing view of the Seattle waters too. This is me and Al's second time there, first time was with my parents on our first Seattle visit many years ago. We also met up with my cousin Didi in Seattle and she joined us for lunch.

After lunch, we decided to go to the Seattle Aquarium which was at the waterfront, behind Pike Place Market. We walked down the steps to look at marine life. The kids were awestruck in seeing jellyfish, sea otters, seals, sharks and stringrays. They also had the opportunity to touch star fish, etc. I still like the Monterey and SF counterparts more than the Seattle one, but I liked their dome (it was smaller than I thought though). After a tour of underwater creatures and a gift shop visit, we proceeded to EMP.

Experience Music Project was free today! Yey! Didi met up with Don there, and she fell in line at this place where you can play like a band. The kids scattered in their music labs, playing the keyboards, guitar, turntables and others. Kya Jon went straight to the voice studios. When Didi's line was egtting closer, we all went there and thought of our band name Banana Katsup (it was actually Don's idea and Didi changed the spelling to make it more Pinoy). Al chose Twist and Shout and played the lead guitar, Nikki was on drums, Don was on the keyboards, I was on shakers, Didi on vocals, and Brandon on the cowbell. After the gig, we got a poster of our band, a dvd of our performance, and a ticket that said our concert was worth $60. It was definitely fun.

After EMP, we tried to reach the rides by Seattle Center but we were only able to do one ride since most f them were closing for the day already. We then went to their arcade area so the kids can ride the bumper cars. We met up with my other cuz Ang and then got hungry, so we went to Blue C Sushi by University Village in Seattle. We then drove to out hotel and checked-in late and called it a day.

The day before the event, the gang went swimming, but I decided to start on the favors. Earlier, we went to Kinko's (someone bumped into Al's rental, but good thing there was no scratch or anything). Anyhoo, we had Lola's old grad pic into a small poster, and had 80 copies made of three of her poems. In the hotel lobby while I watched them swim, I started rolling them up like diplomas and tying gold ribbons around it. Liz came down and helped me, and decided not to swim. We finished it in an hour and I was surprised. Other errands I had to do - shopped at Costco, Capital Mall, Safeway, Michael's and Target for the birthday stuff.

But the best shopping we did was at Best Buys because I finally got my widescreen Garmin. Woohoo! Well, our rental ran out of GPS systems that Al suggested that we buy our own (we keep renting it and I figured that if you add it up, it's probably the same amount than if we bought one). Do'h!

After the party, the whole gang went swimming again at the hotel (minus the tito and tita, and Ange). The Flores' cooked us an excellent dinner of bangus, embotido, tapa, and tocino. Al bought some tomatoes as a side dish for the bangus! The next day, we visited my relatives again, and the kids played the drums! The funny part was that Lola was also playing the drums!


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