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Friday, April 11, 2008

San Francisco Giants Free Tix

This must be a busy month. Kuya Jon was able to secure Giants tix at work, but he's not much of a baseball fan. So today he drove from work around noon to hand me two tix for tonight's game against Saint Louis Cardinals. Glad to have a visit from him, and he also burned me a copy of the pics of Lola's party. He also joined me for lunch. After his visit, my friend Mo also passed by on her lunch break and brought me a banana royale from Baskin Robbins! Ay caramba! I was sooo stuffed today! She also visited with her youngest son Jad who gave us awesome drawings of Titanic. Oh and bf Ces showed us his new Harley!

I picked up Al at work so we can go straight to the game tonight. At first I was skeptical of the seats, thinking we were going to be in the upper levels. But I was surprised to have really good seats with a few hecklers next to us (it's usually fun that way). We were situated on the lower level near a club suite/lounge area I think. The people in front of us almost caught a ball too! A lot of balls were flying either near us or on top of us. Though the Giants lost (gee thanks a lot Barry Zito who pitched that day), I still remain a Zito fan and had a lot of fun. Btw, I also got a free Giants blanket, and Al got a free anniversary Giant's shirt. Al also saw Sal Castaneda and said hi to him when he greeted him. I didn't even know it was him, haha. It was definitely a fun night, but would've been better if our team actually won. What's up with Bay Area teams? Warriors didn't make it to the playoffs, but we are still hoping for the Sharks! Check out our pics at AT&T Park.


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