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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dale is Gone on Top Chef?

What happened to this show? How can the judges make a bad decision, booting off the talented chef Dale Talde and sending him home? I've read the comments on their site and I guess a lot of people agree with me that he should have stayed on the show. Props to him for bringing the halo-halo in the mainstream. He is clearly one of my fave chefs aside from Richard. What I don't understand is why the bad chef Lisa is still on the show. She is clearly a bad cook with a bad attitude. I hope they realize their mistake - Dale has won or almost won every quick fire challenge and elimination challenge. It was just unfortunate that he was with a team of losers and that he had no choice but to step up because he knew he was the better chef. It's so sad that the show won't be as exciting without Dale. But we can all still vote our fave chef on the show (and Dale can win some mulah). Just vote on their website by clicking here.

Such a sad day today. Another sad news was the retirement of Dennis Richmond, anchor for KTVU Channel 2. After 40 years, he's retiring. I will miss his soothing voice and newsroom charm. Hope to see him around though.


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