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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Flippin' Out - Pinoy Jazz Style

I got a call from a friend at 8am (yep, it was too early for us coz Al and I were still deep in sleep, haha), and she was playing music on her other end. It kinda gave us a good mood waking up (though still sleepy) but we were awaken by this lovely voice and jazz music. All of a sudden, this girl belts out some tagalog words. I'm like wha?!? And then in between all the singing, this DJ at a US radio station cuts it to clips of interviews with this singer named Charmaine Clamor, who claims to sing under a new genre called Jazzipino, a hybrid of jazz and Filipino melodies and instruments. Here is an excerpt from her bio:
Charmaine Clamor is the first Filipina jazz singer to find success on American radio, achieving the rare feat of simultaneously making the top-5 on both JazzWeek’s World (#2 ranking) and Traditional Jazz (#4) charts.

Listening to her on the radio made me want to buy her CD. Check out some of her music and website.


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