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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Memorial Day Hike and Others

Here's how our weekend started - on Thursday night after work, Al and I went to a showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Al really wanted to see it, so we snuck in some Subway sandwiches for dinner and watched the movie. We both liked it, but felt that the "supernatural" part did not fit the Indiana Jones logic. And that on top of all the racism. Oh wells. We still love Indy. Not sure if Shia was a good decision to cast. Please don't tell me Shia will be the next Indy.

Since we were a tad disappointed with the flick, we opted to watch a more light-hearted movie the next day. So we decided to watch Maid of Honor (mostly my decision) just to feel good, haha! That night, a friend of mine decided to sleep over (well, he didn't exactly sleep since he was up all night trying to scan some pictures for an event he's organizing the next day). He was also there so I can help him create a slide show and to pick up three videos I made for his event.

On Saturday morning, I did my usual chores and pretty much cleaned the house since I knew I was going to have visitors later that day. I was also accommodating my friend and accompanied him to do last minute errands for his memorial event. After a major clean-up, my older bro Kya Jon passed by to drop off my niece Nik who is sleeping over the weekend. My younger sib Nat also dropped by for some lessons on the web. And she brought us some cooked fresh sweet corn for all. Yum. Around 4:30 pm, I had to end the lesson and pick up Al from work. So Nik, myself and Al drove to that memorial service that my friend organized. His event was a success, with nice decor and tons of catered food. The three of us ate, watched the videos I made, although we missd mroe than half of the program already. We paid our respects and left so Al can reach his basketball game. We also did a quick grocery shop at Trader Joe's before the b-ball game. The night ended with Nik and I cheering Al on his highest scoring and winning game. Some of his team mates teased him that he should be the MVP of the game. Aw.

On Sunday morning, Al and I went to our fave church for mass. Then Al cooked breakfast, while I made pastrami sandwiches (and peanut butter sandwiches for the vegans) for our hiking trip to Mt Tam. We drove north across Golden Gate to meet up with my sibs Nat and Char by Stinson Beach. They invited us to hike the Matt Davis Trail in Mt Tam. We got lost for a bit in the mountains (the internet directions they gave us weren't too clear) but after asking a few local folks, we found our destination. Since it was lunch time, we walked to Stinson Beach for a picnic. They brought some fried chicken, pasta, and cucumber salad, while I brought the sandwiches I made, drinks, chips and strawberries. After eating and chatting, we started on our trek to reach the top of Mt Tam.

The trail was a steep ravine called Matt Davis that started at the foot of the mountain, before the small town of Stinson Beach. We crossed small bridges and dirt paths, rock and wooden stairs, creeks, mini-waterfalls, and shrubs of wildflowers. We even saw a snake! I was sweating and my knees were shaking since I wasn't too used to hiking (haven't done it for a long time, plus I wasn't any younger either). We crossed paths with a few hikers too, but the steepness kinda got me concerned for my niece since the path was by the edge of the mountain. We took a few videos and pictures of the adventure, reached Table Rock, walked a few more miles and then I had to let them know that I can't go any further. Too bad we didn't get to see the sunset on top, but maybe next time. I ain't giving up just yet. At least I got to see awesome beach views from an elevated view and got some exercise. I think we got to half of the mountain which is a feat in itself, and everyone was clapping for me, haha. Gosh I'm so lame, but again, I plan to complete this trail in the near future. Wish me luck. After a long hike, we walked to the Stinson Beach Market to buy ourselves some popsicles as a reward. We hung out at some benches nearby, chatted some more, and called it a day. We drove by Highway 1 which was a scenic drive, got stuck in traffic near Golden Gate, passed by a friend's house who gave us some food, ate dinner at Sonoma, and crashed.


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