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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Relaxing in Lake Tahoe

After work, Al and I drove to SF to meet up with my friend Dong and his dad. They own this condo by King's Beach in Lake Tahoe and they convinced us to go with them. We parked our car at their place and rode with them for a late arrival in Tahoe. At night, we were in an exploration mood in the North (we usually stay in the South) that we checked out Incline Village, and ended up playing slots at Tahoe Biltmore and Crystal Bay. Btw, English Beat also had a gig at the Biltmore, and Dave Mason was just at Crystal Bay.

The next morning, my friend noticed that the lake waters were calm so he suggested that we go kayaking (the condo area has a dock and is by the lake shore which makes it more convenient for us, and the views are just relaxing). Kayaking was so relaxing and the sound of the waters while paddling was so soothing to the ears. The water was not deep so I was convinced to join the guys, and he water was so clear that it was sparkling under the sun. The mountains and pine trees even made the views more spectacular.

His dad cooked an egg foo young lunch, and afterwards, we took a shower and drove to Tahoe City Marina to go sailing. The cruise was a sunset sail, and the yacht was called Tahoe Cruz which was 50 feet and not for racing. The captain was very hospitable and gave us drinks. They all had some water while I had some chardonnay. When they hoisted the sail, the left-side of the boat almost tipped the water, giving me the impression that we were turning over so it scared me. I moved to the other side, and it was better. We went in front of the boat, and had the most magnificent views of the lake and its surrounding areas. Such a beautiful sight. It felt we owned the boat since it was only us and another newly wed couple who joined us. It was also the first time they sailed this year, so we are kind of the guinea pigs, so to speak.

The next morning, we went kayaking again, not wasting precious time in Tahoe and taking advantage of our amenities. We took lots of pictures and videos to remind us of a short, but wonderful time there. My friend's dad cooked some sauteed beef with veggies for lunch with fried fish on the side. That night, we visited Hyatt's Grand Casino in Incline Village to play more slots, hehe. We won some and lost some, but definitely had fun. Al played the table games, and made a little, but not significant.

We drove the next morning from Tahoe to Carson City, Nevada to be part of Dong's brother's surprise picnic. It was his birthday, and he wanted to pass by since we were closer to his family. We met a few people over there who coincidentally lived near my area in the Philippines. We were reminiscing peoples, schools, and areas from our homeland, but the strong winds were distracting us. After a good lunch of kare-kare and bibingka (they were the best ones I tasted so far and I heard they used to own a Filipino restaurant there), we hung out for a bit and called it a day. We drove back to the bay area, passing by my friend's properties in Browns Valley and Live Oak to get their mail, and then back home to SF. Hope we go back to Tahoe soon!


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