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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Return of Kate Nash

She had her first gig in the Bay Area at Popscene early this year, so when we found out she had another gig this month, we immediately bought tickets so we can see her concert at the Fillmore. After work today, Al and I headed to SF to meet up with my half-sib Nat at the Fillmore area. She didn't go with us at the concert, but we did eat dinner at Pride of the Mediterranean where I got chicken kabobs and a nice cucumber side salad. Oh and don't forget all the hookah smoke near our table, hehe.

Anyhoo, we walked to The Fillmore after dinner. I guess Kate Nash didn't have an opening band. When she came out, I tried to get pictures and videos of her while she was performing (some songs were lively, but some got me sleepy). The screaming (aka singing) didn't help either, but I was rejuvinated when she sang Mouthwash. Al got the whole video, and after the concert, we got the usual Fillmore poster of the band performing that night. Kate Nash had a nice voice and was pretty with her flower on her hair, but I didn't get what she was wearing, a navy shirt with shoulder pads, and a big golden ribbon on her waist. Oh well. She did say the venue was beautiful and still wouldn't want to leave SF (she did go to the Pier 39 to see the sea lions, lol). At the end of the concert, Al was able to get her set list (he always gets set lists, ya never know, it can be valuable int the future). But yes, I have a whole scrapbook full of Al's set lists and others.

When we got home, I immediately uploaded the pics on the camera, but much to my disappointment, all pictures and videos were gone! Al said I need to buy a new camera since this has been happening for quite some time now. I was hoping at least a few pictures would 'magically' show up, but it never happened. Sux. But I did find this on (thanks to whoever posted this) -


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