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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yey! We Got Featured!

Our Tahoe sunset sail video got featured in a website that promotes the area of Tahoe and Reno. Thanks to those who featured us on this site - - and here's the direct link to the story -

Btw, Scarlett Johansson album can be heard via her site - - but news items claim that it didn't hit well with the critics. Oh and Coldplay will be at the HP Pavillion in SJ on July 24. We're thinking of going and will bu tix as soon as they sell them. Listen to their new single Violet Hill (which is a free download on NME and iTunes). But I like their song on the new iPod commercial better. The single is their album title Viva La Vida and it's really good. Listen to the song on my radio blog located on my right sidebar. Enjoy!


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