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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fiesta and Book Launch

You know that it's the start of a busy summer, when there are many fiesta celebrations around the bay. Al and I decided to go to Fiesta Filipina just to check it out (I also wanted to see Charice). We got there early, around noontime, and we were hungry, so we went straight to the food booths (we both got palabok, pork bbq, lumpia shanghai, and sisig on the side). The first and only act we saw was the Mango Kings who I always wanted to see but never did. Al really liked the band and their sound was perfect for summer. The stage had a big screen now (not sure if they had it the past years since I didn't go), said hi a client who owns a wedding store and had a booth, bought two tagalog dvds, and left early (found out that Charice wasn't playing until 4 pm and we didn't want to wait that long). Asian Art Museum was also free that day and Al wanted to go since it had a Ming Dynasty exhibit, but we decided otherwise.

We drove to Arkipelago Books at Bayanihan Community Center for a book launch by Helen Mossman who wrote A Letter to My Father. We helped set up, chatted with some peeps, ate some refreshments, and met the author. Her book was interesting since what she writes is also what my grandma and grandpa experienced during World War 2. The book was memoirs of her experience in the Philippines during the war. I shared with the author the stories I heard from my grandparents as well, asked a few questions, purchased the book to give to my lola, and got her autograph.

Afterwards, we hung out a bit and even played some piano. The best part of the day was when I found the book Expeditions in the store (both prose and graphic) and saw that it was signed. I asked my client who signed it and she said Neil Gaiman himself! Wow. I just had to buy it (I got the graphic one). She even put a sticker that said 'autographed copy' and I got a discount too - plus I didn't have to fall in a long line to get a Gaiman autograph! To top it off, we got free movie premier passes to The Rocker and a free beer! This never really happens when you buy a book! That really, really made my day!


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