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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Start of a Busy Summer

I can't believe my phone has been ringing off the hook! I've been getting calls from old clients whose sites I maintained in the past, and now they have a few updates (I do maintain some sites of existing clients). I gave up on creating new sites due to health concerns on my end. But I also created a new wedding site using microsoft office live templates (since it's free) for my cousin who is getting married in July. Check it out. I am also trying to make their wedding montage (it's just a simple slideshow effort unless they give me videos).

I also updated another site. Check it out too. Wish I had more time, so I can make some adjustments. I still to make more updates as soon as I get the content.

Also, a friend of mine is also off for a week due to her health too. So for the past days, she's been hanging out here so she can recuperate. Oh, and we got new keys for the pool! Yey!


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