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Monday, July 14, 2008

New Radiohead Video

Check out this new Radiohead video using data versus cameras and lights -

Last Saturday, Al, Mo and I also saw Julie Plug after years of not seeing them. They played at Broadway Studios in San Francisco. They do have some gigs here and there, but we never get to go (besides, the second album didn't blow me away). So I was skeptical with the new songs, and boy was I wrong! I am usually a cynic with band sounds, but the new songs were awesome. I always hoped the band would have that type of sound/songs. It fits their persona as well. The band looked really cool. Thank goodness they are going that direction. I saw some co-workers there who hung-out to check them out and they loved the band (well, they did see them before). I was also happy that they got to play the old songs from the first album (oh and they played my favorite song on the second album). I'll try to post videos, but when I have bandwidth. Al tried to take videos from an elevated view. I'll keep you guys posted.


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