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Monday, September 22, 2008

Prepping for Vacation Time

I guess I just can't stay away from blogging. Today alone is an eventful day full of exciting things. I need to log back to blogger to test some web functionality, so here I am again. I am building a new website and am adding more ajax coding than I ever did before. It's just a simple site, but I'm glad to have done it. Will let you know once it launches.

I've also been busy at work because of our annual big conference (I guess you can say the biggest that the Bay Area has so far). Anyhoo, I also signed on to Qik so I can check out live video blogging straight from your phone. I also signed up for FriendFeed and added services and my web profiles, connected it with Facebook, then changed my mind, hehe.

I was also busy finishing up pending projects because I will be on vacation tomorrow. Then hubby and I are off to England! It's also London Fashion Week this week! Woohoo! I'll post some pics and videos as soon as I can. Now it's time to pack! Tomorrow is also the grand opening of Sprinkles cupcakes in Palo Alto, the only store in the Bay Area and I'm missing it! I guess I'll just get some when I get back. Also in October, Kara's cupcakes will open in SJ in October! Am glad it'll be closer to me, but then again I have to stay away if I don't want to get diabetes!

Btw, I am listening to songs by Airborne Toxic Event on their myspace page. My friend suggested this band and I like. I got their mp3 for Sometime Around Midnight, but I really like This Is Nowhere more.


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