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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Weekend Photography Session

Such a nice day in the city. Al and I picked up a friend (she was waiting at Gelato Classico in Freakmont) so she can take photographs of us. SF has many wonderful outdoor sites for on-locations shots that we thought, hey why not Baker Beach? It was so windy but it was a good session. I love the view as usual and can't wait to see how the pics turned out. Am not exactly model material (not even close) but Al and I wanted nice photographs of us as a couple. Before going to the beach, we exchanged our london trip pocket money from dollars to pounds in SF (Al found a place that had a good exchange rate compared to what they have at the airports). Then we ate at Osha on Geary since we miss eating there (and to get our fried ice cream fix too).

Then we went to California Legion of Honor to check out the women's impressionists exhibit there. An old friend of mine gave me 4 VIP tickets (thanks May) since her company is sponsoring the event. Actually two of those tix can be used at De Young Museum, but we let my friend use the other tix. I liked the exhibit and the artists they were featuring (Mary Cassatt, Berthe Morisot, Eva Gonzal├Ęs who was trained by Manet, and Marie Bracquemond). Clearly their works reflect female themes such as motherhood and sexuality, but this is admirable since during their time, the art industry is mainly male-dominated. After going around to check out Rodin exhibits and other galleries, we took more shots outside the building.

We also went to Golden Gate Park to take pictures at the Conservatory of Flowers and the center of the park with the green benches and trees. On the way to the park, we did a pit stop at Java Beach House on Judah and La Playa (all the locals were staring at us). I miss that place. It was kinda late in the afternoon so the sun was almost setting and we couldn't really take many photos. But the flowers were just beautiful! Wish we could've taken more pictures though. At night, we called it a wrap and ate dinner at Naan n' Curry on Irving. Yum.


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