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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deleting Online Accounts

So I'm in the process of scrubbing my online accounts that I barely use and those that I don't need anymore. There's Myspace, imeem, Hi5, and Multiply which I have deleted. And in the process of doing all of these, I discovered that most delete options are very difficult to find. An example would be my Viddler account where the option is not really visible on the site, but is showing on their privacy policy statements. I emailed them a while back about deleting my account, and they did not respond. After a few months, I emailed them where I found the deletion notice in their private policy statement and finally they permanently deleted my account. Another example is Friendfeed where the delete option is not readily visible on their site. I searched Google and discovered how to go about it. So for those who want to delete their accounts, just visit this page and your account will be deleted permanently.


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