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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dinner at a Place Called uWink

So why am I blogging this? I guess I wanted to share a restaurant that we discovered recently called uWink in Mountain View. Recently I've been hanging out there to take advantage of their GoogleWifi service (yep everywhere you go in that city you get access to the internet). So sometimes I'll be at Lakeside Cafe at the edge of Shoreline to get a glimpse of a lake view while working, or at Starbucks since I get wifi through my account, or at the library to take advantage of their study rooms and have some quiet space for work. So when it's lunch time, it's only right to go to Castro street to eat.

Today, Al and I decided to have dinner at a place called uWink. I've been there before with my friend Anne for lunch, but it was Al's first time there and our first time to experience their dinner service. The food is okay, but the experience was fun. Each table had touch-screen monitors where you can order your food and drink, play individual and group games, and pay your bill. The whole resturant also had projector screens to watch sports. Mainstream pop and hip hop sounds blast from speakers for a lively atmosphere. The place was packed when we got there, and when we left, there were groups waiting outside too. Apparently, the owner of this restaurant was also the founder of Atari. Definitely an innovation in restaurant business, uWink made eating more fun and interactive. Check out a video of the restaurant -

UPDATE - We went back to uWink on Saturday 10/20 after attending a birthday party and Al's basketball game with my friend Mo and her two kids so they can experience uWink too and we all had fun. Didn't expect them to be open late! Oh and we missed SNL with Palin on the show, haha!


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