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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween to Everyone!

The Castro parties have been halted (was it since last year?) so now they came up with an official Halloween party at AT&T Park. I heard some people still went to Castro as street revelers, but no street parties were happening though since the cops were at close watch and set up barricades. This year, Al and I decided to dress up and celebrate in SF. I bought my costume at Party city, while Al got his at Pierre Silber. The lines were so long at Party City that I almost gave up, but I found my tavern wrench costume (which is almost like a pirate's wife costume). Al dressed up as an air force dude with a green jumpsuit with patches, a cap and sunglasses. At AT&T Park, they had live music on stage and booths. Surprisingly, it didn't seem like there were too many people around 10:30 pm. But the people in costume were sure interesting.

Before going to AT&T Park, we went to a place called DC Cemetery in Mountain View. It was on a house on Bush Street, and as soon as we got there, there was a line of people (also in costume)trying to get in and enjoy the mechanical displays and effects. It's pretty interesting, with lights and scary sounds, moving props and smart concepts molded into a fascinating Halloween display that kids and adults can enjoy. The line was really long as adults and kids in costumes were trying to get in to experience all this. They do ask for donations so they can keep this every year. We might check it our again tomorrow night. Visiting this place has made me a fan of those who created this. We'll be back every year from now on.

Btw, we also passed by my friend's house to return dvds we borrowed from him. We were also invited to a party, and another at a costume night a bar, but decided not to go since we had plans already. But we passed by dc to get our mail and we finally got our absentee ballots in the mail. I also got the Metro Station tickets I ordered online from Ticketmaster last week. And we're watching them to see the opening act of course!

UPDATE 11/1 - In the afternoon, we went to Al's friend's house to have a little post-halloween potluck with his friends. Of course, the guys had their share of booze while the women chatted and watched the kids play. Food was abundant (Al bought his potluck share (crema de fruta) at Goldilocks. I especially love the batchoy that his friend cooked and brought at the party. Everyone (except me) sang karaoke. The kids were the most adorable singers! T'was a fun night and I can't believe Al sang a couple of songs in public!


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